Universal Installer for Linux, Mac and Windows Subsystem for Linux

This method will automatically install the right version for your operating system and has no external dependencies.
curl -O https://install.tunnelmole.com/t357g/install && sudo bash install
Optionally, you can audit the scripts code first by running curl https://install.tunnelmole.com/t357g/install

Install using NodeJS

Best option for NodeJS/JavaScript/TypeScript developers or Windows without WSL. Requires NodeJS 16 or higher
npm install -g tunnelmole

Test Webhooks Locally

Develop webhooks locally with a public URL

Local https

Instantly give a local server a public HTTPs URL

Mobile Development

Wirelessly access backend apis and sites running locally directly from your mobile device

Share work

Get a public URL to share your work without deploying code to a remote server

Code without deploying

With a public https url just a single command away, you can focus on coding instead of setting up servers and waiting for builds and deployments to finish.

By taking deployment out of your development loop, you'll finish code faster because you wont have to wait for deployments to finish for every change you make. Your changes will be live as soon as they take effect locally.

By keeping your code local, you can set breakpoints and use your debugger, IDE and other local development tools that can be complex or impossible to get working remotely. This will help you fix issues faster and give you much better visibility into what your code is doing. I code 3-10x faster using a debugger than without one.

You don't need to root your phone or set up ADB to test your local work on mobile. All of that work is replaced by a single command.

Test your work end to end without waiting for production infrastructure to be ready.

Speed up your development with tunnelmole.com today!